launch of Velobleu tomorrow...

Friday 17th July

photo courtesy: Cyril Dodergny, infographie Langlade

Nice Matin 16th July 2009

Tomorrow at 11am, the velobleu is launched in Place Garibaldi, handy for us so we'll probably go along.

Link to the article in Nice Matin (in French)

The website is finally launched:

If you go to the Ligne d'Azur office on Place Massena, next door to the Nespresso shop and opposite Sports 2000, you can pick up a free guide and map showing all the locations. I really hope this bike scheme will work as it would be really handy for us to nip to the main train station. I noticed that Cimiez is not served by the velobleu, probably too hilly. There's a stand by Parc Vigier - right by the start of the coastal walk around the Cap de Nice.

You have to ID yourself each time before jumping on a bike, either by a swipe card or by phone. I am going to try and organise a card, seems much less faff. You can order a card via the website although this function wasn't working last time I checked.

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