On the third day, it rained again

Rained every day so far. OK, it was hot and sunny the first day but it still rained for five mins in the afternoon. Today, it was torrential. No matter, we met friends in the Old Town and had a 5 hour lunch at the Caffé dell'Arté on the Cours Saleya.

'Bistro' Menu for 10 euros has 2 choices:
plat du jour (Rissotto today) plus glass of wine and coffee
or fish and plain rice plus mineral water and green tea 'bien d'etre' option

The children's menu was the best value 8 euros for 3 courses (up to age of 10)

The view :-(

The morning wasn't too rainy, just thunder and lighting,
went for brief run around the Cap de Nice on the coastal path, over 200 steps up, slowed to a walk, going to try and run the whole thing by the end of the holiday, maybe even try the second half of the path to Villfranche.

the trail around the coast:


Vanportrait said...

Happy to see you posting again! Thanks for sharing your impressions.

Mirjam said...

Thanks for news from Nice. I was hoping for some new posts and photo's last weeks.


AllaboutNice said...

Van, it is so hard to keep a blog going - yours is awesome, always something new <3. I'm just so lazy haha

AllaboutNice said...

Mirjam, good to hear from you, not been in Nice much this summer, being v lazy with my blog :-(