Parascend or Parasail in Nice

Break up the sunbathing with an adrenalin rush...

having second thoughts?

My daughter has been eyeing up the parascending or
parachute ascensionnel for the last year or two and I promised she could have a go this year. Luckily, a school friend came to stay for a few days which saved me the fright of going up.

There are a few Sports beaches along the Prom. The nearest one to us and the Old Town is Nikaia Sports which is about halfway between Opera Plage and Beau Rivage Plage. There are no direct steps down to it, you have to make your way along the public bit for a few metres. It is fenced off from the public beaches with the opening on the Beau Rivage side, nearest the airport.

No need to book, just go to the small kiosk and pay and wait. We waited for 3 lots to go up before our turn, about 15 minutes. When we had finished, another couple arrived, paid and went straight up, there never seems to be much of a queue or hanging around. There are a couple of tables/parasols for sitting and waiting. Two speed boats are used so the rides are staggered and everything moves along fairly swiftly.

Each ride is about 5 minutes with optional dipping in the water. The day we went, everyone was landed on the beach rather than the sea although in previous years I have seen sea landings. Three gorgeous young men launch you and land you.

It costs 45 euros this year for one person, 60 for two so it's much better value to go with a friend. they even offer a triple ride for 90 euros. I declined to make a third because I didn't want to get dipped in the cold sea in order to take photos from a dry vantage point. If you are the official camera bod, you have to be quick - I just about missed the takeoff it was so quick, one second standing there the next up up and away.

It's not just parascending. According to the sign, you can also water ski, wake board, fly fish, tube and canoe:

The girls loved it and the boat driver dipped them up and down a few times when they were out at sea. It's not at all scary but quite relaxing and great views although the harness and life jacket are not particularly comfortable. The girls wore rash tops over their bikinis which helped I think. I wish I had been organised enough for them to take a waterproof camera with them - a wasted opportunity for some wonderful views.

There is another Sports beach near the Blue Beach and Negresco Hotel and also another at the far end of the Prom by the airport - Carras, which also offers jet ski.

Here is a short video clip of the girls landing safe and sound:

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