Roller blading or Inline Skating - you know you want to try it

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I will try it one day, may be in the winter when it's less of a spectator sport.

My daughter and her school friend were keen to have a go one evening on the Prom. My daughter has all the equipment - rollerboots, pads and helmet but we needed to kit out her friend.

Roller Station on the quai des Etats Uni is open until midnight so there's plenty of time for the sun to go down and the heat to ease up. No need to reserve, just turn up and go to the counter.

The cost of boots is 4 euros for an hour and 2 euros for the padding for one hour. I was able to lend my cycle helmet so not sure if these are also available to rent. The best rental value is 8 euros for 24 hours.

Here is the price list - sorry about the crummy photo - the reflection bounces at the important bit:

As well as rollerblading, you can also hire skateboards, micro-scooters and bikes.

You need to take an Identity Card, I used my driving licence which they keep until you return the goods at which point you settle the bill so it's not a problem if you go over the hour, the bill is adjusted accordingly.

I suggest you wait until you have crossed the road before putting on the rollerboots - there are plenty of benches there and it's safer to dodge the traffic on foot.

Beginners will appreciate the short stretch of railing opposite the store. This runs out quickly so have a practise here up and down a few times before you set off along the Prom as there is no more railing and you have to look for friendly strangers to cling to in an emergency, or fall down - aim forwards.

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