it's been a while ...

... but after renting out my studio the last couple of years, we are at last returning for a brief visit next month. I'm bracing myself for some wear and tear to be made right.

Apologies for the lack of posts and the state of my website, it's hard to keep up tp date when I'm not there much any more. It's great that Nice has changed and improved in so many ways but it's a daunting prospect to know where to begin to update the site.

Have been thinking about archiving it and starting again, half the restaurants reviewed don't exist anymore and public transport has changed so much. Hopefully I'll be inspired to crack on with things on my return visit.

My studio will still be available for rentals this summer 2015, for Brits, it's a good time to visit, the Euro is about 70 pence at the moment.

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