Le Plongeoir - hold onto your hats

Le Plongeoir restaurant 23rd June 2015

So happy to see this place renovated and open for business.


This dilapidated chunk of rock by La Reserve has been given a modern expensive makeover. We took a couple of hours off our scrubbing and snagging week in Nice to try it out.

Didn't book but got a table on the rock - very windy day - it needed the clear windbreaks. I'd suggest you go on a calm day, it was noisy and felt like being aboard a yacht but I really loved it.  I had salmon with black risotto and DH had rack of lamb.


Portions were small, in future I'd settle down for 3 courses and a bottle of rosé but it was all nicely done and lots of friendly staff and the invariable bit of faffing with a new venture. Enjoyed the atmosphere as much as the food. You can see from the pics there are various levels of courage required for each section plus a decking area close to the wall - out of action today due to the high winds.

My special was 18 euros, the lamb, 29 euros, bottle of San Pellegrino, 7 euros

The wine started at about 24 euros a bottle, no cheap and cheerful carafes here.


Le Plongeoir
60 Boulevard Franck Pilatte
06300, Nice

Tel: 00 33 (0) 4 93 26 53 02

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